Some videos of Dad

Here are some videos of my dad playing guitar. I wanted to post them so that I can have access to them (and so others can see them). Dad really loved playing guitar. Music was one of the real passions of his life. A few months before he passed away he told me, “I never thought the day would come when I couldn’t play the guitar.” This reminds me of the fact that God places limits on all of our lives. It is so important that we place our faith in Christ so that we can have life forever with God rather than eternity apart from Him.

This first video is one of Dad playing at our friends’ house when he came down for my graduation from PBC. The song he is playing is an old blues song called “How Long.”

This second video is Dad playing on a radio program in Indiana, PA. This was done around the time that he participated in a blues competition, and the song is one that he wrote himself in the blues style. I really like the lyrics to this one!

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