The Importance of Communication for Relationships

As I took a brief walk today, I was about to cross and intersection when a car approached. Since the driver had the turn signal on, I felt comfortable crossing the street on the other side of the intersection, but I kept my eye on the car in case they had accidentally left the turn signal on by mistake. I thought about this for a couple minutes and it seemed to me to be an interesting metaphor for the importance of communication. The turn signal is the driver’s way of communicating to the pedestrians and the other drivers on the road what the driver intends to do. If the driver forgets to communicate their intentions, or communicates the wrong intentions, an accident can be the result. The same thing is true in relationships. Communication is one way that we can avoid relational accidents. If my wife, children or other people understand what I am up to, it is less likely that we are going to have a “relational collision.”

On the other hand, communication isn’t everything. There also has to be some intention to do what is right and “love our neighbor as ourselves.” It does no good for the driver of a car to clearly intend to hit the pedestrian in the road, and to signal their intention to do so! Since we find ourselves doing that very thing in our relationships, we all need our sins forgiven through faith in Christ, and our hearts renewed through the Holy Spirit and the Word of God. Praise God He is faithful to forgive us, cleanse us, and give us power to love one another as He loved us!

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