Recommended Online GNTs with Parsing Helps

You’ve worked your way through most of your introductory grammar and will be moving on to reading the Greek New Testament soon. Congratulations!! You’ve really come a long way in the past year!

You will probably find it helpful at this point to have access to some online Greek NTs that have parsing available so that you can reference them as you get started diving into the text. Here are the three best ones that I am aware of:

  2. La Parola
  3. STEP Bible is my own go-to. It is the simplest to use and looks the best. You can get parsing by clicking on each word, and for most words there are some limited definitions and cross references.

The text is that of the SBL GNT, and you can see a limited text-critical apparatus by clicking on the verse numbers. The definitions come from Abbott-Smith’s Lexicon, which is old enough to be public domain, but late enough to have taken into account the discoveries of the Papyri that showed that the NT was written in everyday Koine Greek, not “Holy Ghost Greek” (a major problem with Thayer’s Lexicon).

Simple and easy, and good for most of your everyday needs.

La Parola is good too, but not as easy on the eye. You have to tell it what verse to pull up, but when you do you can hover over each word for parsing. Again, some limited definitions are available. The real usefulness of this website is that it can show you the textual variants in a passage (see “options”). It’s text-critical information seems to me to be much better than GNTReader’s, so here’s where La Parola shines. It will list the witnesses for the readings in order of kind of manuscripts, date, or text-type. You can also choose to see citations from the fathers.

I don’t use a lot of others, but I often recommend STEP Bible for beginners or those who haven’t learned the biblical languages because you can locate Greek and Hebrew words via the English without having to use a concordance. Just pull up your translation of choice, then click on a word and it will pull up information on the Hebrew or Greek word on the right. From there you can get it to pull up all the occurrences of that word in the original language. There are also Greek NTs available on that site. The original language dictionaries are not bad considering they’re free resources, and word parsing is available (though not as intuitive as the previous two).

If you are looking for other online GNTs, or other Greek texts such as the Greek OT (LXX) or the texts of the Greek Church Fathers, check the Greek Reading Room page on Dr. Black’s NT Greek Portal.

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