My name is Noah Kelley and I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ, a husband and father, and a Ph.D. student in Biblical Studies (NT) at Southeastern Baptist Theological seminary.


I love cooking, reading and the arts (music, visual arts, literature, film). My father played blues music when I was growing up, and my goal before I was converted was to be like Jerry Garcia and play music professionally. I worked with mentally disabled people for about seven years, and it was while working there that I was converted. God changed my heart from wanting to play music to loving my work with the men at the home.

I went to Bible college to study the Bible and prepare for ministry, and met and married my wife, who was studying missionary aviation. We thought for sure that we were headed for church planting straight out of Bible college, but God had other plans. I completed my undergrad, then did my MDiv at SEBTS. During that time, I realized that I love teaching, and that along with my concern for Christian ministry in the local church, I have a passion that Christians think well. I have become convinced that the Christian life involves the whole person: mind, heart and body. I am studying NT because I love the Greek language and am interested in Ecclesiology, the NT use of the OT, and things like that. Though I don’t blog as often as I like, this is where I put resources I’ve developed and papers that I have written in the past, as well as other personal things that are outside of my professional interests.

I am studying New Testament under Dr. David Alan Black (whose blog is here, and with many helpful links and resources for NT Greek, his Greek Portal is here). I also serve as his assistant and a teaching fellow at SEBTS, which is in my opinion, one of the best schools on the planet! 🙂 I have finished my coursework and am in the beginning stages of my dissertation. Here is a picture of me on the day I passed my comprehensive exams:

Dr. Black, myself, Dr. Beck, Dr. Merkle, oral comps

My committee included (from the left) Drs. Black, Beck, and Merkle.

Since we arrived in 2010, my wife and I have been members at Grace Baptist Church here in Wake Forest, where we have participated in the life of the church and have been blessed to sit under the faithful teaching of the Word.


3 Responses to About

  1. whitet says:

    Noah, I like you blog. Keep on blog’n.

  2. Catherine MacKinven says:

    Greek and T.G. – well said, a bhalaich. I’m labouring through Mounce’s basics ( NTGreek at Highland Theological College Dingwall). Love the language and the class – but the amount of time I’ve wasted trying to figure out his ‘system’! Wish he’d appreciate the amount of intuition that goes into English, and that e.g ‘aspect’ is NOT a unique feature of Greek. Seems not to realise how complicated English is. Like one of these guys who says the Chinese are clever because even the children speak ‘Chinese’. all the best, Cath MacKinven

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