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Coptic Resources

Coptic is a form of Egyptian written using Greek letters with some letters brought in from Demotic. It is important for the textual criticism of the New Testament because it (along with Latin and Syriac) is one of the earliest … Continue reading

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Review of Seven Marks of a New Testament Church, by David Alan Black

A few months ago I re-read Seven Marks of a New Testament Church, by David Alan Black. Since he is my doctoral supervisor and I worked for him for four years, this was not my first time hearing his ideas. … Continue reading

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Jesus and the Law of Moses in Matthew 5:17-20

In the spring I took a seminar in Biblical Theology. One of the papers I wrote was on Jesus and the Law of Moses, specifically trying to untangle Matt 5:17-20. If you are interested in reading the paper, you can … Continue reading

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A Translation of 1 Tim 1:3-11

I am working on a paper in which I am trying to examine 1 Tim 1:3-11 to see what light it sheds on the topic of Paul’s view of the use of the Mosaic Law in the life of the … Continue reading

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Stephen Westerholm on the Sermon on the Mount

Just read the following on the Sermon on the Mount, regarding whether the fact that Christians fall short of its standards destroys the point of the Sermon:

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Augustine on the Difference between the Old Covenant and the New Covenant

From time to time I will be using my blog basically as a place to take note of helpful passages I come across in my reading. If you are anything like me, you probably have had the experience of reading … Continue reading

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Typology in the New Testament

Kostenberger and Patterson, on page 704 of Invitation to Biblical Interpretation say the following about the use of the Old Testament in the NT: Beginning students of Scripture sometimes assume that there is only one way in which the New … Continue reading

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